IT contractors

Hiring IT professionals can be a major investment with significant challenges. The recruiting process costs hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars in advertising and takes many hours from employees in HR, IT and the hiring department. Then, the person needs to be onboarded to your company, further delaying the actual start of work.

Independent IT contractors solve these challenges by substantially reducing the cost and the time to start working.

In Profeon, employers find hundreds of skilled IT professionals with experience in both remote-team working and delivering outstanding results. Companies are able to quickly fill specific IT skill gaps or simply add head-count with reliable workers to speed the project completion.

Scheduling workers and team communication is as easy as it is with full-time employees, but without the delays of a corporate environment. All IT professionals adopt the work tools of the assigned team and can be ready to start their first assignment in as little as 24 hours.

Meanwhile, contractors love Profeon because it allows them to manage their projects and reduce down-time between contracts.

Today, it’s challenging for professional contractors to get in touch directly with the companies and ask them about their current and upcoming projects where they can be of any help.

Planning and online searching for the next contract or project is a really time-consuming process as well as interviews and other communication with a potential customer.

Meanwhile, the demand on independent professional IT contractors keeps growing. Now companies are hungry for qualified and skilled IT contractors, able to perform their tasks. HR and Business Leaders worldwide are struggling with finding the best candidates.

Why Profeon?

Profeon connects you with thousands of qualified and skilled IT specialists in just a couple of clicks. Now, you can avoid spending extra costs on job advertising and using many recruitment platforms.

In their turn, contractors can now manage their availability and pre-plan contract jobs. This is a perfect technological solution, bringing great benefits to everyone.

Ready to start?

The no-fee IT staffing innovators.

  • Pay-as-you-go temporary team members.
  • No commitment contracts.
  • Get senior IT specialists for a low hourly rate ($35-$50).
  • US-based for easy payment, management and communication.