Mitrofanov Konstantin: full stack developer

Mitrofanov Konstantin

male, 35 years


full stack developer: 10 years experience

Skills: PHP HTML JavaScript MySQL CSS jQuery Adobe Photoshop SQL HTML5 Linux Ajax ООП Docker Git CSS3 XML

Career Objective

Full-stack web developer

Work Experience

10 years


Full-stack web developer

March 2010 — till now


Configuration and deployment of developing, testing and production environments. Frontend and backend development. Projects management. I was a person who made all technical tasks, such as backend and frontend development, integration with third-party services, API development, UI development. Also, I was a server administrator. I was engaged in installing and configuring development, testing and production environments (usually in a docker).


Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics Electronics and Automation


Radiotechnics, Radioelectronics engineer

About Me

Radiotechnics, Radioelectronics engineerI participated in many web startups and projects in past 10 years. Some of them I created alone from start to finish, for example:,,,,

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