Dmitriy Zazulin: backend developer

Dmitriy Zazulin

male, 27 years


backend developer: 9 years experience

Skills: Laravel HTML CSS Yii Git Linux SQL JavaScript PHP

Career Objective

PHP Backend developer

Work Experience

9 years



Feb 2020 — Aug 2020


Support and improvement of the internal accounting system for the work of installers

Salesforce Developer

Aug 2019 — Jan 2020

VRP Consulting

Developing a program visually similar to Google Spreadsheets, which records the work of engineers on the installation and maintenance of cellular base stations. Legacy in spaghetti style. My task was to develop new features such as export to xlsx, automation of actions. Technology stack: backend: PHP 5.6, database: Oracle 11g, frontend: ExtJS. - Ticket management system, in which all actions are performed within the company and with related companies. It was rewritten to Laravel 5.5+ using the REST API schema and MSSQL for the database.


May 2018 — Aug 2019

Mobile Tele Systems (МТС)

Refinement and support of the internal application management system. Technologies used: PHP5\PHP7, Apache2, MS SQL, jQuery, Laravel.


May 2017 — May 2018

Demis Group

Development of new functionality on customer sites. Work was also done to optimize the speed of client sites.


Aug 2015 — May 2017

Demis Group

Support and modification of customer sites. Passed 1C-Bitrix certification in the following areas: Content Manager, Administrator. Basic, Administrator. Modules, Administrator. Business, Bitrix Framework Developer


Voronezh State Technical University


Specialty: Automatization and Robotization of machine and equipment production, robots and robotic systems.

About Me

Specialty: Automatization and Robotization of machine and equipment production, robots and robotic systems.I am a backend developer. My technology stack: PHP 5+ / 7 +, SQL: MySQL (MariaDB), MSSQL, some Oracle 11g. Frameworks: I prefer Laravel, I can use Slim, Lumen, Symfony, Yii.

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