IT project outsourcing

Complete IT project management for better, faster results.

Since 1996, Profeon has been managing IT development projects for large and small companies including Oracle, Yamaha Music, and Neiman Marcus.

Profeon IT outsourcing brings a complete team to manage your most complex projects. Our full resources are organized around your needs and goals. We have extensive experience creating amazing projects in digital transformation, systems integration, web applications, software innovation, data science applications and analytics.

Our teams are available for direct hire or through partnership arrangements with consulting firms.

Make Profeon your development center to improve products, reduce time and save money.

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Recent web and software development projects.

Regional Health Services Portal
Designed a population management system and complete end-user portal experience that served many internal departments. The backend involved Big Data management, multiversion data structure support, indexing, efficient querying, derivative dataset generation, data unification, complex data merging and data identification using a Snowball-like algorithm, along with different cached and materialized views of the dataset.

National Business Services App
Created a geo-spatial indexing and map integration solution to help businesses identify and understand the needs of their clients. We developed a proprietary deduplication and compression techniques that are run on our own web server and built with the Go language to support PHP integration.

Real-Time Web Applications
Always in need of better database and server performance, our web app solutions include pre-built components for faster distributed database and network performance improvements. Using Artificial Intelligence we can create a custom multi-dimensional signal analysis in a client-side framework with caching layer and visualizations.

Profeon Project Management.

Senior product developers select, organize and lead the most qualified IT professionals in the world to deliver outstanding projects. Their years of project design, management and problem-solving are dedicated to your project. They won’t stop until they have exceeded your technical quality and user-experience expectations.

Once we identify the best architecture for your project, we will quickly assemble a team with the most technology experience in those areas. After you accept our project scope and plan, it’s not uncommon to have your project started within a week of our kick-off call.

Our team consists of dozens of senior technical professionals from all IT disciplines, including;

  • Full stack web developers
  • Front-end and back-end specialists
  • Mobile app developers
  • Cloud infrastructure experts
  • Desktop software programmers and designers
  • UI/UX design pros
  • Testing and test design specialists
  • Application support experts

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Why outsource?

Nowadays most companies struggle with the lack of expertise in projects and budget control. IT outsourcing presumes cheaper labor costs while not compromising on the quality of the results. This way companies can concentrate on other crucial business processes and worry less about certain tasks.

Currently, 60% of European companies use the advantages of outsourcing their IT projects, instead of having their own IT in-house specialists - and the US is catching up quickly.


Budget flexibility and control

Outsourcing lets organizations pay only for the services provided.

No extra training costs

Companies do not have to pay for the training and qualification of their in-house staff. This significantly reduces operating expenses.

Most projects are temporary

They do not require permanent employees and teams. Thus, the employers pay less when hiring IT outsourcers.


Tasks are outsourced to professionals that specialize in a certain technical domains. They have specific equipment and technical expertise. So, the tasks can be completed faster, with better quality output.


IT outsourcing helps to control risks in a project as some business processes may be transferred to the outsourcing company. Since the outsourcing company is a specialist, they plan the risk-mitigating factors better.

If you’re interested in IT offshore outsourcing and reducing your corporate expenses, you can contact us for more information.

Ready to start?

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