Hiring Process: 5 simple steps

Step 1

Discuss needs

Let us know about your task and your project. We discuss the specialist you need, required skills and talent, and your budget. We do not take up-front fees. You pay only for the services provided on an hourly basis after the work has been done completely.

Step 2

Identify candidates

We will select the relevant candidates for you, according to your needs. You will see their profiles with the detailed description of their skills. We have experts with a profound experience so that you can choose the ones you consider most suitable for your project, according to their working experience and portfolio, containing the projects, similar to yours.

Step 3


After you’ve chosen some candidates, you start interviewing them. You leave the ones that totally suit you for your project. All the candidates are fluent in English and able to pass the interview with a full understanding of your company and your project. We use various communication methods to get in touch.

Step 4


Now when you have candidates, we give them a brief of your project and explain the tasks. Candidates may ask some extra questions about it. We need to fully understand your project and your goals before we start working.

Step 5


Candidates start working on your projects. During the project we support communication, ask extra questions and clarify the details for you to be fully satisfied with the outcome.


Are your professionals fluent in English?

Yes. All our specialists are fluent in English. No problems with communication or any misunderstandings may arise.

How long does it take to start?

Normally, it takes 2–3 days after you’ve set your task, we select a proper candidate for you and we get started.

How experienced are your professionals?

The average experience of our specialists is 3–5 years. Moreover, our experts constantly learn and develop new skills and methods for the best outcome.

How much does it cost?

We cannot give you the exact price or even a price range. Every task and every case is unique and the price totally depends on the project details. Besides, we don’t take up-front fees. You pay only for the work done on an hourly basis. Thus, your company can save up the budget to hire senior talents for bigger tasks.

Ready to start?

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