Expertise & Technologies

Remote IT staffing is a good opportunity for scaling your development team. You can find the best experts that will certainly fit into your staff, helping you to reach your goals. Most of our professionals are ready to start at any time.

We work with all retail projects. We also specialize in IT, entertainment or Fintech start-ups. Profeon may find a perfect solution for every technological challenge your company incurs.

We can help you in

Business processes

Digital transformation, systems integration, web applications, software innovation, data science.

Web development

Full stack web, mobile apps, cloud, desktop software, UI/UX design, testing, application support.


Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript (React, Angular, Node. JS, Vue. JS), Java, .Net, Mongo DB, AWS, iOS, Android, Laravel, GoLang

What professionals do we have?

Web developers

If your company needs a new website, a new web app to automate some processes, or even a web portal to align your workflow, our web developers have the relevant programming expertise to create it promptly and efficiently.

Full stack, Back end, Front end

Every Front-end or Back-end developer has specific skills. But, creating a talented team of developers will mean real success for your project with less money spent. We can help you to arrange a developers «dream team» working quickly and efficiently.

Mobile app developers

You can get an experienced developer who will modify your app or create a new one. Our developers have 3–5 years of working experience on average. They can adapt and develop mobile apps aligned with your specific needs.

Desktop software developers

You will get in touch with the top desktop app developers. We identify the most qualified and skilled developers, matching your requirements. You can find contractors for the programming languages, tools, and frameworks your business needs.

Microsoft stack developers

If you wish to hire Microsoft stack developers we will provide you with the experts, having the relevant skills and portfolio in Microsoft stack development. If you’re elaborating a product compatible with Microsoft, we have professionals able to give their best for your product.

Cloud engineers

We will get you in touch with trusted and checked cloud engineers. You will quickly and easily get a hand from certified experts that are definitely trustworthy.

Salesforce developers

We have great software development experts. Every one of them has a profound experience in a particular tech stack or a product type.

Ready to start?

The no-fee IT staffing innovators.

  • Pay-as-you-go temporary team members.
  • No commitment contracts.
  • Get senior IT specialists for a low hourly rate ($35-$50).
  • US-based for easy payment, management and communication.