IT Outsourcing and Remote Staff

  • Find high-end, senior talent from around the world.
  • Reduce operational expense and time with individuals or whole teams.
  • Improve scalability and efficiency of every project for faster results.
  • Certified, tested and evaluated specialists ready to join your team today.

Our Advantages

We have verified their leadership role in every large, well-known project that they represent. They have each been thoroughly vetted and completed a rigorous certification process before joining our team.

These professionals are experienced in remote work with dispersed, worldwide teams. They are accustomed to adjusting their work shift to meet the needs of each team and to efficiently communicating progress.

Additionally, our project managers are available during all shifts to oversee progress and ensure that the work is up to your standards.


Reduce operational costs and project duration

Find more experienced professionals with known project histories

Add high-level technical expertise to any team

Faster talent discovery and onboarding

Improve scalability with established teams

Simplify communications by using existing systems

Hire qualified IT professionals quickly

Profeon is a US-based company, specializing in hiring top-quality IT talent from Eastern Europe: software, web, and mobile app development.

Our professionals are fully certified and able to meet even the most serious technical demands.

Today, most companies struggle with their labor expenses when fulfilling some projects. Finding a good developer or a team may be a challenging task even for the most experienced recruiter or a well-known brand.

Companies quite often face challenges when searching for the remote workers having the relevant skills in digital transformation. Besides, identifying the candidates only on their portfolio and the feedback from other employers doesn’t mean the candidates are reliable and trustworthy.

We offer you top-talented developers from Eastern Europe with fluent English, high professional skills and education. You can hire them individually or in a team.

Available Specialists

Meet our specialists who can start contributing to your success:

Full-stack Developer
QA specialist
Frontend developer

Team creation

We know our professionals, so we are able to hand pick the ones that will best meet your most complex requirements.

Our dedicated project managers supervise and manage remote teams in the most effective manner.

Based on your project needs, our team can handle any project — from designing and prototyping to delivering a complex product and full public launch.

Our talents

We’ve been recruiting specialists from Eastern Europe for 20 years already. For all this time we’ve recruited and selected only top talented specialists with a brilliant portfolio and perfect communication skills. Choose the ones that can be a perfect match for your company.

You’ll be able to see the current working status of our experts: «currently engaged» or «ready to work». Thus, our professionals do not get overwhelmed and you will always get your work done on time as our experts are not torn apart, simultaneously dealing with multiple projects, like some freelancers usually do.

Note that our experts work in Eastern European Time (EET). This is UTC+02:00 time zone, 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. Sometimes this zone uses daylight saving time: UTC+03:00 during summer.

How it works

Over the last 20 years we developed proprietary technologies that allow our engineers to join, learn and start working on your project in a very fast timeframe

Get on a discovery call with us today and we will start assembling your new team that very night — taking advantage of time differences.

In less than 1 week, we will assign multiple engineers that surpass your requirements for your review.

Choose the best candidates for your needs and requirements, and they can start work that very day — no HR onboarding needed.

Communicate goals, milestones and deadline to a dedicated project manager for guaranteed service levels.

Ready to start?

The no-fee IT staffing innovators.

  • Pay-as-you-go temporary team members.
  • No commitment contracts.
  • Get senior IT specialists for a low hourly rate ($35-$50).
  • US-based for easy payment, management and communication.